Benefits of Papaya Fruit for whiteness and health

Papaya (Carica papaya L.), or betik is a plant that originated from southern Mexico and northern parts of South America, and is now widespread and widely grown throughout the tropics for its fruit is taken. C. papaya is the only kind in the genus Carica. Name papaya in Indonesian taken from the Dutch language, “Papaja”, which in turn also took on the name of the Arawak language, “papaya”. In the Java language papaya called “Kates” in Sundanese and “swept away”.

Benefits of Papaya Fruit for whiteness and health
Thanks to the nutrition in it, papaya fruit into pieces that are beneficial to health. Here are some of the health khsiat buh papaya for the human body.

Mengobati Keputihan
Ingredients: 1 papaya leaves, 1 piece of reed grass root, fennel pulosari taste.
Method: finely chopped papaya leaves, then boiled with other ingredients with 1.5 liters of water to boiling and filtered
How to use: drink 1 a day 1 cup and performed regularly

Overcoming Digestive Disorders
Papaya contains papain enzymes and fiber that can help overcome the problems of the stomach and digestive disorders like constipation and effective to prevent hemorrhoids. Research also proves that the content of papain in papaya fruit can kill parasites that interfere with the digestive activity in the gut.

Prevent Flu
The content of vitamin C in the fruit of papaya can improve the immune system and prevent disease such as coughs, colds, and cancer

Keeping Healthy Kidney
Besides the fruit, papaya seeds also contain essential nutrients for health. Papaya seeds contain flavonoids and phenotic, an active substance that plays an important role in maintaining healthy kidneys.

Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke
High antioxidant content in papaya may prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Sharpen Vision
If you have any eye health problem, you should be diligent eating papaya fruit. This fruit contains beta-carotene which can be converted into vitamin A to maintain the health of your eyes.

Prevent premature aging
The content of antioxidants in papaya prevent free radicals that can cause various problems in the skin, such as blemishes, wrinkles, and so on.

Skin Health
Vitamins A, C and E alone is good for skin health. In addition to help moisturize, vitamins can also help restore the dull skin becomes brighter and fresher.

Vitalitas Pria
The content of arginine in the papaya enzyme, effectively boost the blood flow in the area of ​​Mr P. nitric acid Arginine encourage the body to relax the muscles around the blood vessels, so Mr P dilate and blood flow in the area more smoothly.

The content of papain and chymopapain that can relieve inflammation and accelerate healing of burns. Benefit is then be used to help heal various skin lesions, psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Digestive Health
Not only facilitate defecation, papaya can help cleanse your colon of toxins absorbed by the body accidentally. Is a fiber and antioxidant content, which can lift and clean the intestines and bring it through the sewer.

Significant Factors Of mental health – Updated

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So do your favor, and accept those compliments. Now I have to jump on my own two feet rapidly, while working with panic attacks, PTSD and depression. Assess no matter whether your volume of health might adversely effect you in a emergency.

Though a lot more widely advertised to reduce anxiety product in the media is Stress Tabs, it truly is said which the more commonly used medication to ease stress is truly a supplement called Cortitrol. Belief will be the ignition switch that gets you from the launching pad. Learn what other people are using to make larger organizations a lot sooner using the tools from the new millennium. No one expects one to dance with your underwear, such as the start digging your grave. Many folks have a difficult time locating an effective mental health counselor.

In the first component of this article: Mental Health, Depression And Positive Mental Health Habits I discussed some general information about what mental health is, why it really is important and provided a quick, simplified description of depression. You will get a big ego boost each and every time you achieve one with the goals with your list, knowing which you are a measure closer to accomplishing that particular big goal. Every individual can suffer different connection between mild panic attacks. In snappy schedule, taking day trip to cycle is difficult. Most importantly, these experts could be honest using the person and actually tell them what will happen if they just don’t get help. Chances are you’ll reply which you simply don’t know.

There isn’t a doubt which the mental health medical community is extremely busy within a location for instance Las Vegas. When you think of mental health, a psychology career more than likely comes to mind. Being educated concerning the potential dangers, and also the challenge of living with bipolar, and insomnia, is important for their inflicted and loved ones.

If you might be not aware of these attributes with the migration, crucial computer data migration may fail. The only way to shield this equipment should be to enclose it, and companies for example TV Armor ( developers and manufacturers of some with the most advanced TV flat screen protectors for the market, have extra measures to perform just that. Among the customers speakers was Jonathan Gould, a practicing forensic and medical psychologist that has accomplished thorough writing inside spot of kid custody evaluations. The actual unconscious mind explains everything you need to do throughout purchase with eliminate all in the negative tendencies maybe you have inherited as well as heighten your very own mind. Holistically minded and licensed mental medical researchers are trained within precisely the same legal guidelines as other mental medical researchers. A Board Certified Psychiatrist, Kaj Neve attended Dana College, Blair, Nebraska, plus the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska. See more about mental heallth here: mentalhealthexposed dot com

Later they realize that what you have is only a mild panic or anxiety attack. Herbal Triphala from Himalaya detoxifies your entire body and improves digestion by detaching the harmful substances on the body. Research shows which a number of folk have a genetic pre-dispensation to addiction. these licit self defense purposes products and non lethal weapons represent a great deal more than just your physical security: they are important instruments to help you you secure the many mental and emotional wellbeing you as well as your loved ones may accomplish in your everyday living. Ryan Fitz – Gerald may be the Co-Founder of Web – Tribes Inc.

Personal development is often a way of life that effects the mind, actions, and the way you treat others around you. It’s the responsibility of social workers to aid the men, ladies and children that are trapped on this complicated web of issues. When you’re tense, you’ll be able to’t celebrate your beautiful life. Various varieties of nervousness and anxiety disorders will be more prevalent in ladies, too. Endorphins are actually known to create feelings of happiness and pleasure. These herbs happen to be used in traditional medicines for sound mental, physical and reproductive health of males.

How for you to Make Sleep Lights involving Plastic Bottles


How in order to Make Sleep or perhaps Decorative Lighting Lights by Plastic Bottles Bottles consumed in Particular are undoubtedly often encountered at any place especially no matter whether the plastic bottles That have become garbage. otherwise when i siasati, obviously This is very uncomfortable to the view. since along with very disturbing environmental hygiene. garbage by plastic bottles Jual botol plastik The item could additionally lead for you to a good prolonged global warming.


Actually, the problem is usually That i can siasati sole regarding his ways, namely in the countless crafts. including bringing in a light sleeper regarding plastic bottle material.


make a good decorative lamp coming from a great plastic bottle, Develop a light sleeper connected with bottles, light sleep through plastic bottles

Before starting creating, materials as well as tools my partner and i need to do is:
Used Plastic Bottles (model As outlined by MY OWN tastes, clean up 1st yes)
Power cable
Small lamps (bulbs as well as their chili cupnya)
Lamp socket
Cutter sharp
Glue plastic
Spray paint.

After just about all materials in addition to machines are generally ready, the then step when i simply execution connected with How you can Develop a light sleeper within these plastic bottles:
Cut the bottom of a plastic bottle It follows your own shape that has a sharp cutter. (See Figure No. 1) regardless of whether my spouse and i follow your wavy shape via shape. ones bottom of any bottle my spouse and i are able to use Just as MY sleep cap visit Jual Botol Kaca.
Punch an hole for the middle of the bottom of the plastic bottle This we have cut (see Figure No. 2), for the cable hole. build furthermore your current same hole on the bottle cap.
Glue your current bottom associated with plastic bottles The item has been cut are generally allocated to the bottle cap employing glue. (See picture No. 3) Adjust The town associated with holes The idea my spouse and i have made, ones bottle cap (the hole can even be made after your lid as well as the bottom of any holes in the paste-set that you think is actually easy, yes)
Once the connection is already dry and also strong. my partner and i may give the light color of any plastic bottle using spray paint (can USE spray paint with cans (pilok) as well as incase in addition utilize oil paint is sprayed using mosquito spray. (Your creativity is usually needed)
Once your paint is actually dry, my partner and i continued to help install lights and cables. Glue cup lamp applying glue on the in of the bottle cap to help make It added robust.
Add some ornament / decoration According to taste. (Again again the creativity is needed)

Finish … Taraaa! easy is usually not The way to Make Sleep Lights involving Plastic Bottles? only using a little creativity i will turn an plastic bottles That have be garbage or perhaps not handy in almost all directly into ornaments room lights are usually pretty, cute and unique using a rule involving creativity in addition to high art and also together with various other intro will additionally reduce global warming.

Benefits of Eating Vegetables Beans for Health

buncisBuncis benefits of vegetables is one of the vegetables that are classified in the family of legumes, this vegetable has the Latin name Phaseolus Vulgaris very suitable to be planted in medium and highland plains plant is classified into two types, namely the beans that grow vines and grow upright.

Historically these vegetables come from the South American region was then introduced by Spanish colonizers to all regions of Europe to spread in the State Indonesia. This vegetable is usually consumed to be a mixture of soups, stir-fry and vegetable salad because it tastes good. In addition, beans also have a lot of nutritional content so it is beneficial for health.

The content of nutrients in beans consists of a source of vitamins, fiber, fat, molybdenum, minerals, carbohydrates and so forth. To find out more details, the following will be given information about the health benefits of beans.

1. Maintain Heart Health

The content of folic acid in it can keep the heart healthy, so the circulation and blood pressure became stable and controllable.

2. Improve Immune System

Their content of vitamins B1, B2 and vitamin C serves to boost the immune system in order to avoid various kinds of diseases caused by infection with viruses, germs and bacteria.

3. Increase Metabolism System

Mineral content consisting of potassium, magnesium, manganese, and iron that serves to enhance the metabolic system and can improve the performance of the organs.

4. Smooth Digestive System

Fiber content have the ability to launch the digestive system with good, healthy organs of digestion, prevent constipation and may reduce cholesterol levels.

5. Overcoming Kidney Stones

Owned fiber also has the ability to dissolve kidney stones and can prevent the formation of stones in the kidneys so experts recommend that people with kidney stones to consume.

6. Control Glucose

The protein content owned can be absorbed perfectly by the body so it is beneficial to control glucose or sugar levels in the blood.

7. Lose Weight

This vegetable has a quite low in calories so it is good for those who have consumed excessive weight and very suitable to be consumed as a healthy diet.

8. Being Visible Younger

The content of antioxidants in it acts to counteract the free radicals that can make the skin more healthy and youthful look.

After learning some of the benefits of beans, try to consume it regularly in order to get maximum results. Beans is one of the vegetables that have the same benefits as other food ingredients, therefore it is necessary to provide for the necessary nutrients by consuming other food items in accordance with the motto of 4 healthy 5 perfect.

Tips Increase Traffic Online Store Visits

For business people shop online, traffic requests is one thing that is very important because for all actors online or blogger certainly want the online store website that they can wake up known by many people. Online pallet plastik murah business is built able to bring in huge profits. Actually there are some easy ways to increase traffic requests that can be done by business people shop online, either for free or by using a source of traffic to the capital.

Tips Increase Traffic Online Store Visits

No one can guarantee that every person on this visit the website online store you will make purchases. However, by increasing traffic requests at least you can increase the chances of people to make purchases on the products that you offer. One way that could boost sales is the presence of a lot of visitors.

Here are some ways to increase traffic to visit the online store business that you can do.

Registering online store to social media or Social Networking

Nowadays there are so many social media that can be used by the perpetrators bisis online store to increase traffic requests. Social media include Twitter, Facebook and others. Probably most people use it only as a medium of social media to update the status, whereas for businesses online store social media can be used as a medium for promotion.

Register in the catalog or online store directory

Directory of online stores in addition to improving traffic requests can also increase page rank of your website online store. For example, with

Register online store at Milist or Mailing List

For businesses online store, has E-mail is a must, as an e-mail provides many facilities, one of which is the Group Email or commonly referred to as Milist. Through Group Email, you can increase traffic to visit your online store website with ease.

Blog Walking

So that businesses can better known online stores on the internet, then businesses online shop must often make visits to other blogs and then make a comment. Do this at least 3 to 5 times a day, so that over time your online store business will be known by many people.

Active in forum

Online forums are a place or event for berdikusi where everyone who entered the forum can benefit discussions. That would create a good interaction for fellow members.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization or jasa SEO is now a trend discussion for online businesses because the keyword is one of the most mufah ways to improve the position of a website online store so that it can occupy the first page on Google.

Utilizing Tools Statistics

Last tips that can be utilized businesses online store to increase traffic that visits with the help of tools static. Tools that can be used is AW Stats (default CPanel), Google Analytics and Sitemeter who among them all, of course, has its drawbacks as well as advantages.

Ways To Stay Consistent In Running Business

Ways To Stay Consistent In Running BusinessIn running a pallet plastik murah business, should someone have to maintain the consistency of the business undertaken, because of the consistency of the business will continue and continue to grow. Every 24 hours a day with the same, of course we have different activities in running the business that we have.

Sometimes, boredom, monotony and no changes are very often perceived by beginners and even business people who have been long in doing business. It could be said that it was reasonable experienced by the business, deadline or may respond to consumer complaints would be inevitable part of doing business.

Then, like what is the way that is not saturated with what we are doing today, to keep the love and total in running our business? Consider business tips below.
Tips To Stay Consistent In Doing Business

1. Perform the fullest, do not delay

Delaying are things that often make the business are often overwhelmed, knowing about what to do in advance is very important to maintain consistency in running the business. We should want to know about the things we might consider it trivial, but it’s a big impact, eg smoothing of data, files, or spruce up a website that may be less stable.

2. Avoid negative thoughts

Some of us, and perhaps you who are reading this article we’ll often unintentionally negative thinking about the business in which we live. For example pallet plastik bekas because this month we decreased income from the business. It is reasonable, we have to think positive, accompanied by improvisation or innovate on what is missing from the business in which we live. Positive thinking about the business in which we live, do not be provoked by the decline in turnover that we get today.

3. Try new things that support

My experience running, I always found time to do new things that I did not know to study. For example, because the business deals with the design and production of convection, so I studied photography for business support that was my lead up to this time. Create something that has never been done.

4. Raise the level of work

Never be easily satisfied. Most of the businessmen who are just starting to settle quickly because they get results, but suppose that produced the only bonus. Self-development and quality of doing business are paramount. Raise the level of work in a well-run business would be devastating for the long term. Initiative to help and seek out other partners who are overwhelmed also help to raise the level of our work. Be beneficial it was very noble, avoid thinking that you used.

5. Do not be lazy, keep learning

True businessman will always want to want to know new things, whether it is still associated with the business is run, and which are not directly related. Learning is an activity that is very important for all of us. Whether it’s from an existing piece of paper on the street, the existing book stores books, websites or from radio and television. All is presented, just how we can take the initiative to continue to add to our knowledge related to business or out of business.

6. Involve the people around you

To keep us consistent with the business in which we live, we must be sensitive to our environment, be it a family or social us. Encourage cooperation with the people around us are also very powerful to make us more quality and our business growing. Do not be stingy, because we certainly need a lot of links to keep the business in which we live.

7. Exchanging information about business

Among all of us, there are many ways to learn new things about the business, one way to remain consistent in running a business is sharing information about the business, strategy or perhaps mutually assess the business in which we live with our business associates. In this way, we will be more “sophisticated” and of course, the idea will arise automatically as long as we want to share our information.

Price Suzuki Ertiga

Suzuki has long been doing business sewa mobil solo in the world automotive industry. Suzuki has established quite a long time, namely in 1909 by Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki, based in Japan. Suzuki was included in the ranks of the largest companies in the world automotive industry, especially Japan. Suzuki Motor Corporation has issued a wide range of products that can compete in the world automotive market.

Suzuki always bring the latest technology in manufacturing its products. Various products with the advantages of each have been produced since the old Suzuki. Emerging technology is also applied in the manufacture of products Suzuki. Suzuki also always put customer satisfaction. So that Suzuki can survive in the automotive market in the world.

Suzuki has long entered the automotive market in Indonesia. Suzuki is able to compete in the automotive market with a very tight competition. One of the benefits of Suzuki products in Indonesia is the car. Cars are becoming one of the most popular car in Indonesia lately is Suzuki Ertiga. Suzuki Ertiga has been marketed throughout Indonesia.

Suzuki Ertiga has many advantages in the use of the latest technology and features used. Suzuki Ertiga included in this type of car MPV. MPV car became the most popular car types in Indonesia because it can transport people and wide enough. MPV cars which are very popular in Indonesia is output Toyota Avanza, Daihatsu Xenia output, and Ertiga manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation.

Suzuki Ertiga uses manifold K14B engine with a capacity 1.373cc. This engine has a maximum power of 95 PS at 6,000 rpm and maximum torque of 130 Nm at 4,000 rpm. Suzuki Ertiga has been using the technology of fuel distribution Multi Point Injection fuel that can save a few percent.

Suzuki Ertiga comes in various color variants to meet customer satisfaction. Suzuki issued a variety of colors on a variety of consumer products because scattered throughout Indonesia have different tastes. Here are some colors that are owned by Suzuki Ertiga.

– Burgundy Red Pearl
– Cool Black Metallic
– Dusky Brown Metallic
– Pearl White
– Radiant Red Pearl
– Serena Blue Metallic
– Graphite Grey Metallic
– Sliky Silver Metallic

Suzuki Ertiga also comes with 3 types of different variants. Variants are Ertiga GA, GL, and GX. The variant type has advantages and different features. In addition the price offered each variant is also different, depending on the number of features and advantages possessed by a variant.

If you are interested in buying Suzuki Ertiga, you need to know the offered price of each type issued by Suzuki. Here is the list price of the car Suzuki Ertiga.

– Ertiga GA: US $ 153 Million
– Ertiga GL (Double Blower): USD 169 Million
– Ertiga GX (Double Blower): USD 181 Million
– Ertiga GL A / T (Double Blower): USD 180 Million
– Ertiga GX A / T (Double Blower): USD 192 Million
– Ertiga GX M / T Elegant Plus: USD 198 million
– Ertiga GX AT Elegant Plus: USD 210 Million

Creating a Good First Impression Of Consumers

Almost all people want to get a good impression in the eyes of others. And it turns out that condition also applies in the business world. Making consumers become “like” the product we certainly coveted by all businesses. This has forced businesses to create a good first impression when meeting with customers.
Creating a Good First Impression Of Consumers
Get a first impression of consumers would regard the long term when there is negotiation, and when we want to do long-term cooperation. In running a business I always make my customers comfortable and it requires special training so as not to look stiff or making Ngada.

This time, I will explain about the tips and tricks to get a good first impression on the consumer.
Meet with clothes neat and fragrant

Basically all humans love with beauty, neatness and of course a cozy atmosphere. When meeting with customers, try to keep it neat, never to appear as it is. Because the first impression of our business seen from how we dress. Needless to luxury, at least presentable alone is very representative.

Smile and eye contact

If you want to be remembered by our customers, try to always give a smile every first met. Try to smile in front of the mirror, give the best smile and try to keep eye contact, although there are occasional hand gestures when explaining something.
Do not monotonous, occasionally off-topic discussed

As business owners, we need smart, know the hot topics is very important. Consumers really like when we tell new things they might not know. Even when they already know, there will arise the communication is active. This is important, because every human being must interact, and in business this also applies to the active communication. Do not monotonous, occasionally discuss something outside of the discussion topic (read: outside the business).
Note the consumer movement and expression

Sometimes we face consumer sullen, passive and wants to the point, in fact there are techniques on how to make them into “liquid” and could enthusiastically with us, that is by “mirroring” that we follow their movements slowly but not flashy, we must understand their expressions, as they already showed an expression of interest, try to set the strategy for many ask about daily activities or on the area, this will help break the ice.

Occasionally interspersed with humor

In running a business, I always actively invites consumers to talk like my own friends, they really like to talk to. But be careful, we must adjust for chatting only with time. Keep looking at ethics in communication.
Do not dominate

Communication is “healthy” if there is feedback that occurs when communication occurs. Try to remain willing to listen when consumers have shown an enthusiastic talk or explain anything. Never straight cut. Give a little nod or smile indicates that we enthusiastically.
Occasionally give consumers a gift or sureprize

Indeed yes, costs more. But for this long-term effect on a consumer’s loyal to us. Occasional consumers give gifts even though he did not use our product in the end

Effective Weight Reduction Made Easy For Dummies

Effective Weight Reduction Made Easy For Dummies If you alter your lifestyle including habits, you will discover it surely will be off and that the bodyweight may decline off. It appears severe, but you’ll believe it is comes faster than you estimated if you happen to be truly focused on modify. Below are a few suggestions to allow you to in your quest:

In case you are not untired of the weightloss prepare, probably it is just because you are exhausted. Recent evidence demonstrates not receiving sufficient relaxation on a normal foundation may lead to weight gain. Obtaining a 20-30 minute rest throughout the day maybe the thing you need. Possibly your brain is advertising that you are actually fatigued once you think you are famished.

Try not to eat all the foodstuff in your denture. Ignore the advice you grew up having. Don’t clean your platter during each food. Try to abandon something on it. Focus on your system. It’ll let you know when you are complete. Do not retain ingesting past that point.

Create by eating breakfast time, The fat loss lasting. This really is your most critical supper, as your physique has been starving of foods forever. Breakfast is eaten by a large proportion of dieters that preserve their fat off completely every day, therefore retain that in mind and have healthier possibilities inside your home.

Battling desires through the day could be very difficult. If you discover that you simply suffer from afternoon urges, detox pelangsing try purchasing several unique tastes of sugarfree teeth. The taste inside the teeth can help you to battle with the hungers and actually help you fight cavities in the same moment.
Effective Weight Reduction Made Easy For Dummies
Recognize the sparks that trigger one to overeat. Adverse thoughts and scenarios that are stressful could cause individuals to switch to booze or meals. You can modify your conduct appropriately by identifying the specific triggers that bring about you eating a lot of. If you consider should you absolutely need the meals find that you are susceptible to extra snacking, and try and disturb oneself by doing anything you enjoy.

If your stomach is turned by the notion of flavorless diet meals, try discovering methods to combine hot, well balanced meals into your diet plan. Eating hot meals causes hunger, which makes it easier to acquire with your meal in the full glass of water. Spicy meals also can make you feel more that are complete quickly.

It is vital that your weight loss bust into more workable amounts when you yourself have a lot to shed. 100 pounds may seem amazing, but twelve fat can be carried out in two months. Consequently, only shed ten pounds twelve times and after that you’ve reached your purpose that is last.

Join a weightloss routine, such as for instance Weightwatchers. Groups including these require you to weighin routinely, and this motivating is found by lots of folks. They perform harder to exercising and control calorie consumption to ensure that if they are weighed, everyone might find they have shed fat. Lots of people find this technique to reach your goals.

Using Elevated Stencils In Your Household

A The Warren Kimble rugs assortment has a great deal to offer you. Every model is offered in a wide variety of measurements and there are a few styles to opt for from. Accent rugs, ground carpets, and comfort ground mats. These genuinely are a operate of artwork!

If your house begs for a far better look at, contemplate a wallpaper mural. These are easy to use and you can get types that are doors, home windows, balconies or wonderful landscapes.

If you are de-cluttering, downsizing or redecorating, we will need your donations of antiques, crystal, china, silver and flatware, home furnishings, visit and jewellery to enable us rescue additional animals!

Even employing the candles for your possess use, these kinds of as lights a bathroom while you acquire a bath is a profit to the mood and soul. It is the relaxing light and the amazing scents wafting gracefully through the space that relaxes and offers peace of thoughts.

A internet site title really should consist of as many of your keywords as feasible, when sustaining easy readability. This will do two items for you. Very first, the lookup engine will discover your web site in its database and display your website in their results. Next, the web page title will catch the surfer’s curiosity as they see their look for conditions matching your site title. About-stuffing the title with keywords and phrases helps make the title difficult to study and may well be observed as abuse by lookup engines. The internet site title is up to date by altering the text positioned between the opening and closing title tags, in the header of the HTML code. The title duration need to be held to handful of phrases. The site description allows more house for describing your items and solutions.

Today recycling is element of our lives and incorporating this can from time to time be a challenge. There are tons of pull out trash bins which maintain additional a number of bins to make sorting straightforward. If this isn’t an choice for you, generate a corner utilizing uniform appealing containers or baskets to accumulate all your paper, glass, aluminum and wastes. Labeling every single would make it uncomplicated for everybody in the residence to hold issues structured and know in which just about every of the unique trash belongs. These will seem far more desirable than piles of trash in your kitchen area.

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Special awareness must be supplied to the use of heading tags and anchor tags. Search term use in website page heading is more valuable than keyword phrases utilized in a paragraph of textual content. The similar can be said with anchor tags (a.k.a. hyperlinks). Making use of key phrases as the clickable text of a hyperlink is quite valuable.